For just $3.25 per package* we'll receive your goods and hold them for you to pick up. is a USPS registered Comercial Mail Recieving Agency meaning you're not shipping to a PO Box, but a real physical address.  When you register you will be assigned a suite ( mailbox ) number, when you want to send something to us use the follow format**.

<Your name>
1916 Main St Suite# <your suite number>
Niagara Falls, NY

You will then recieve a E-Mail notification every time a package is received for you.  

* Some conditions apply, we do not currently have a ground level roll up door so we can't store cars at this time.  We are open to receiving near anything that will fit through our truck dock. 

** Please note, we will not turn away improperly addressed packages but there will be an additional $5.00 administration fee for packages which are not addressed to your PMB.