Only $2.95 per Package (716) 297-5206. Less Than CBI USA and The UPS Store

Look up By Tracking #s

Please wait til we notify you your Package has been received before coming down. When you come down please make sure you have your email address, suite # and all your tracking #

Why use NY Address for Shipping Packages To Niagara Falls instead of KUHNS, CBI USA, MYUSADDRESS and The UPS Store?

  • It costs you nothing to sign up. It costs you nothing if you don't use it. Canadians Click Here to Register and get a suite #

  • There's no monthly or annual fees. You only pay if you send a package to us. Some places like CBI USA and The UPS Store charge you an annual fee.

  • $2.95 US ***CASH*** No matter the size. Other place like CBI charge an extra fee for large or heavy packages.

  • No Line Ups. Some places like CBI USA and The UPS Store have long line ups.

  • We will hold the package up to 6 months. However we will charge $2.95/months after the first 4 months.

  • Very convenient and safe. Minutes from the Outlet Mall, Lewiston and Whirlpool bridge. It's my understanding CBI and Kuhns are not in a nice area of town.We are right accross the street from police station.

  • Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-7, Sunday 12-5. Closed Tuesday. CBI USA , MYUSADDRESS AND USADDRESSINC are not open on Sunday.

  • Email notification of your parcels.

  • NY Address is owned by Parks Furniture, and has been in business Since 1943. You can trust us with your packages.

Ships gifts to us and be sure you're the only one that knows about them.Mail your parcels to NYAddress' Niagara Falls location and come pick them up at your convenience

How to Sign Up

Canadians Click Here to Register. Enter an email address and user name. You will be sent an email asking you to create a password. Once you create a password you will be given a suite ( Mailbox ) number. Whenever you have goods sent to us must include your suite number and we will email you when your goods arrive.Try and put the suite on the same line as the address.

How to Pick Up Your Goods

When you come down you must have your suite ( Mailbox ) number and E-Mail and tracking number of all parcels you are picking up. Any person knowing this information can pickup the packages.


$2.95 US - $4.95 CAN per package. We will hold your goods for 4 months. After that you will be charged an additonal fee of $2.95 US/ month. If you do not use your assigned suite number on your package you will be charged an additional $5.00 US. Packages only NO SKIDS Must be delivered by a courier company (USPS,DHL,Fed-Ex,UPS) .We are not responsible for good beyond 1 year.

What Do We Do Better Than Other Mailbox Services Like CBI USA , The UPS Store , USADDRESSINC, KUHNS AND MYUSADDRESS

We are better located, safer, cheaper and open 7 days a week with no line ups. We also hold the packages longer than other companies.